China Advance Technology: As this is the era of modern technology, therefore, in this era, such advanced technologies have started to be used all over the world, which makes people surprised and confused, while with the help of these technologies, human life is also quite easy. In fact, our latest video is also on a similar, interesting topic. In this latest video, we will tell you about some of the latest technologies used around the world, which you will be surprised to know. We hope that this video will also give you a lot of enjoyment. Today, everything that is powered by electricity, small to large and big to big, has started running on

solar energy:

solar energy:

China Advance Technology, In some places in the world, cars are running on solar energy, and in some places, all the electricity in houses has started running free of charge due to solar energy. Now people’s lives have been lost due to electricity bills, but do you know that solar energy roads have also started to be built around the world? Maybe you don’t know that China, which has come out ahead in terms of technology, has also succeeded in building solar energy roads. The length of this solar road is said to be more than one kilometer. This solar road can generate more than 10 kilowatts of energy annually. More than 1200 houses can be provided with electricity for free.

Robot Technology:

There is no doubt that many interesting and unique technologies are being used all over the world, and reporting technology is also at the forefront. Various robots have been created around the world at this time which have the ability to work like humans, but this In this case, China has left everyone behind, because at the moment, wherever reports are being made, a person can understand that it is a robot, but a report in China has been made in front of him even yesterday. It’s hard to believe that this is really a report because the skin of this report girl is exactly human. This report was made in Hong Kong. The disturbing thing is that in the coming time, more reports are being prepared and introduced, which will make it difficult to believe that this is not a human being but a report.

Scanning face machine

China Advance Technology, If you want to make a payment in a shop, market, or shopping mall, credit cards are mostly used, but now advanced-level technology has come from credit cards to make payments in any place. Payment can be made by scanning your face. Whatever you buy, go to the counter and scan your face in front of the machine. In a few seconds, your face will be scanned along with your bill. This advanced technology will also pay off when it spreads throughout the world.

gas-generating machines:

There will never be a need to keep money with you, which will save the minds of robbers who steal money from the public. Heavy machines are used for extraction, but very few people are aware that, according to experts, after 50 to 60 years, the amount of natural gas inside our earth will be very little, which will cause people a lot of problems. We will have to face this while, for the same purpose, various gas-generating machines are being introduced all over the world, and one of the latest machines introduced among them is home biogas, the most interesting and surprising of these machines. The interesting thing is that it will be used by the wastes in the houses, etc.

Biogas machine:

That is, with China Advance Technology, this amazing home biogas machine will convert the small wastes in the house into gas. is where the waste is poured, and then it turns this waste into gas. A big advantage of this machine is that you will no longer need to throw out the waste. Pick it up and put it in this gas generator machine, and then get gas instead of this waste. This is really an amazing technology. Transit Elevated Bus. Friends, you must have seen the most modern buses moving around the roads in many advanced countries in the world.

Advanced Bus:

But today we are going to tell you about the advanced bus. China Advance Technology, You must have never heard about it before. The most special feature of this bus is that it runs on top of the vehicles. This bus is designed in such an advanced way that the vehicles running on the road pass under the bus and the bus runs on top of them. A special station has also been built, and tracks have been made for it on both sides of the road, with the help of which it runs on these tracks. Its length is up to about 22 meters, and at the same time, about 300 people can be carried in this modern bus. Easily travel.

Washing base device:

Devices have been made in the world that tell the temperature of the water coming from your tank in the form of lights that the water in the wash basin is getting cold, but it is actually hot. It is fitted inside the wash basin, and then when the water is turned on, different types of life live with the water. The water is a little warm, but if the water is very hot due to heat, then the red light starts to show in the water. It is also surprising that these LED lights are not powered by a battery but by water pressure. Yes, this is also a really interesting and amazing device. Now this device has started to be used in many homes. Root vacuum cleaner. Have you ever seen a vacuum cleaner machine for cleaning roads?

Road vacuum cleaner machine:

has been invented recently in Italy, which will no longer require any staff to clean the road. The latest technology that can be operated by just one person without any effort is a small machine with tires attached to it, so it can be easily transported anywhere. This machine has a range of about five to six kilometers per hour. It can run at the speed of an hour. It is being exported to many countries. When it performs cleaning work on the road, people are surprised to see it.

 pressing clothes:

China Advance Technology, If you are tired of pressing your clothes, now you can save yourself from this thing because the latest technology has been introduced in the world, called a press. It is a machine that dries the washed clothes first. After that, it also performs the pressing work; all you have to do is hang the clothes inside this machine. After that, you just stand and watch with pleasure because this machine will do all the rest by itself. With the help of the device, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, bed sheets, and even any type of fabric can be dried or pressed in a few minutes. Because now this machine is being seen in many homes

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