No. 7 Anza Missile System:

Powerful Military This shoulder-mounted missile is named the Anza Missile. By standing on the ground, they will be able to easily destroy any ship or war machine and the most interesting thing is that it was developed by Pakistan in its own country.

Anza MK1,

Anza MK2 and India MK3. When the Anza missile was made, it was such a perfect missilethat the militia immediately bought ES missiles from Pakistan in 2003 and later, when the Anza MK2 missile was made, the militia again bought 500 MK2 missiles because, with the help of this missile technology,

No. 6 Small Knuckler Bomb:

In 2009, General Pervez Musharraf made a surprising revelation while giving an interview to American journalists in a press conference: Pakistan was able to make nuclear weapons using less than the critical limit of protein. Powerful Military Pervez Musharraf, realizing the delicacy of the situation, disclosed this to the Americans, but the Pakistani army never formally confirmed such a weapon and kept this secret.

No. 5 Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon:

Friends, for the fifth time, I will mention to you the electromagnetic pulse weapon. These are weapons that work very quietly and can destroy all communication systems in a specific area within a second. It means that this weapon can disable the entire enemy’s electrical equipment in a short time, including the enemy’s anti-aircraft and

Anti-ballistic missile

Systems and hundreds of other systems. Earlier, the news about it was adorned in the media, in which it was told that Pakistani students have succeeded Powerful Military It is believed to be still being worked on in secret



Friends will now tell you about the HEAT SIGNATURE NET for concealing weapons. In fact, scientists and engineers have spent their days and nights creating a web that, if on a modern earth with any kind of capability, all these things can be protected by the sight of nuclear weapons and Israeli radars and satellites. For the last few years, India has been secretly buying drones and other things from Israel, which are underground

Secret bunkers,

weapons and other things. Powerful Military Can be used to identify secret objects but because of the advanced technology that Pakistan has, all these things will not be of any use to the enemy.

No. 3 Frigate F-22:

It can also do air defense while staying at sea. It can also defend the sea and destroy land targets while at sea, i.e., it has surface-to-surface hit capability and not only this but this deadly weapon under the sea, i.e., the Sumerian. The name of this weapon is Frigate F-22, which is also called

Zulfikar Class Kharigat

In Pakistani, and Pakistan has named after the sword of our Hazrat Ali (RA) with the help of this weapon. The Pak Navy has hunted the enemy a lot. The cost of this frigate is equal to 750 million dollars.. Actually, Pakistan was the first country to buy this weapon from China, despite its presence in Pakistan.

No. 2, HQ Nine:

Pakistan has put many countries in conflict because they all doubt that such silent agreements are going on between Pakistan and China, especially HQ.

No. 1 JF-17 Thunder:

Is the best aircraft of Pakistan, Powerful Military¬† whose fame has spread all over the world? This is developed with all advanced air defense systems and Rampur systems, apart from modern air missiles. Everywhere, people will compare this aircraft with India’s missile system, but the JF-17 Thunder kept the enemies awake. It happened because, in the existence of this aircraft, they are not able to dare attack Pakistan,

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