Stock Market for Beginners: India’s equity market is currently the sixth-largest in the world. India is the biggest market, and I believe that it can be successful all the time. In my view, if you have passed the 10th-grade math exam, I will give you the full information. What is happening is a very easy Stock Market for Beginners: I will explain to you the entire structure of the share market in simple language. In the stock market, shares of the companies listed on the stock exchange are bought and sold.

There are two types of stock exchanges:

Simple and B. SC, which is called the Bombay Stock Exchange, and  Stock Market for Beginners NSC, which is called the National Stock Exchange. used to be sold, but today everything is an electronic Stock Market for Beginners: it is on top of the mobile. You can buy and sell on the mobile, which is why you need a debit account to hold shares. The process of buying and selling shares is called trading. Colleague trading is basically of two types. It is simple. There are two types of training. The first is deep trading.

The second is delivery-based trading.

Now what is it called? Book par and, on the other hand, delivery basis trading is very close to my heart in that I buy up shares, keep them patient, and wait for the price to rise, like in both trading success principals are completely separate one and a half News and rumors play a very important role in trading; technical analysis becomes very important in trading; and fundamental analysis becomes important in delivery trading.

Important in delivery trading:

There are three things that innings traders never have that delivery traders have, and that is that this video of Aja is going to be great because I want to give AJ up the reasons why you should share the market. I must invest before I tell you that just a month ago I was a part of such a wonderful program of the share market Invest Wise Learn in Guru Ser and this event of the same channel for which I visited Mumbai Studio. I was there when I met the ticket player of this market, Vishal Milkman Ji, who is called the

King of trading and investing:

He has 25 years of experience, and the most special thing I liked about him was his simplicity. He was a 10-year-old child. In the video, I will go ahead and share many interesting facts about them. First, understand that the share market is not a game or gambling, although many people see it that way. Stock  Market for Beginners: And playing Lion Bazaar, friends, there is no way to become a millionaire in two days. It is like a simple bank; like depositing money in your bank, you don’t go there every day. How big is my money? You should not buy shares as well. It is believed that investing in the stock market is like burning money, but it is not that dangerous.

Maida and Kean Pair:

Why is Sheri Bazar the best investment opportunity? 4% of the total amount 3.5% if you participate in FD 6 percent, but when your account matures after a year, you do not earn the whole 6 percent. 3.5 percent of the fixed deposit if you do FD 6 percent; however, you won’t be paid for the whole 6 percent. After one year, when your FD matures, the fixed deposit matures, and 30 percent of it is converted into PDS. If the inflation is between eight and a half and nine percent, then you know that your money kept in the Sliming Bank is decreasing by five percent every year.

PROPERTY Profits are huge within the property,

Thus, a low-interest share bazaar is the only location in which this money may be invested. MASSIVE PROFITS AND ESTATE Although the property has enormous profit potential, its greatest attraction is also one of its main features.



The true joy, he said, is in the addition and subtraction; if you do this, youtakes get a return of four takas on your investment of the whole amount, and if the inflation rate is between 8.5 and 9 percent, you will know that you Since the amount of money stored in savings banks decreases by five percent year, the best option is to invest your remaining funds—10,000,000,000,000 rupees—in one location and the best possible method. Stock Market for Beginners: If interest rates are low, investing in shares is the greatest strategy to earn and grow money.

Property investment:

Property investment:

It has to be done to get a return on it. A plot, any property, or any commercial property requires cage investment, and as of today’s date, there is no gold for the property. This is why the taxes have increased and the registry cost has increased so much. Money is very difficult at the same time, so the stock market becomes the best option. What is most important is that if you buy stock in the stock market, the company also gives you a dividend, that is, the price of common stocks.

Money is stubborn and growing.

Also, it gets a dividend every year, and the best thing about a dividend is that it is tax-free. Gone are the times when people used to buy gold; gold in their wallets is only increasing the sector of bank lockers, and in today’s environment, people wear gold outside the fairs and feel protected, and the problem of mixing is the same as that of others. Yes, many people have gold, but it only makes them suspicious of lockers, so the best thing is that money. If you want to invest, the stock market gives you this opportunity. What is the most important thing about short-term capital?

Short-term capital:

In property, if you buy a property, for example, you find a property worth one crore rupees and sell it for one and a half crore rupees in one year, then give the extra amount of rest. It is up to 20, but if you copy and paste the same story in your shares, that is, you bought a share for one rupee and sold it for five rupees, on top of four rupees, you have to pay only 10 percent capital gain, not 20 percent. Where the property is worth 20 takas and the share is worth 10 takas more, you only have to pay tax. What is the most important thing in a shared bazaar? if you also invest in PPF and GPF, normal people are very old all the old-fear people are investing

PP money or GPF money:

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When it comes to investing their PP money, or GPF money, in the stock market, they are aware that the lion market presents the greatest challenge. What is the last thing in the prize? rise of share’s best advance button is a very small thing; the real fun is in the lion’s price increase I want to explain to you a small adherent. I bought a stock Luckily, I give you an example I agree with you. You bought a stock in Nesli in 2010. You are fond of the share market. You bought Nestle. You have a total of two days of rest. The steel price is 2500 rupees, and you put in a total of 100,000 rupees. According to this calculation, you have 40 shares.

Nasal’s write-up got 40 shares:

In 2022, Nasal’s share price will be 18 thousand rupees. Day share prizes are 18 rupees. You had invested Rest. 100,000, but the investment turned out to be almost a sin. In the last 12 years, it gave you a return of approximately 15 to 17 percent, whereas your return on saving was only three to four percent. Second example. True, there is a business by the name of Britannia. Britannia’s shares were purchased in 2010 for 157 rupees.

The stock price was 157 rupees. The share price was 157 rupees, and you invested one lakh rupees. The same share of Britannia for 3700 rupees, or about 177,157, is around 600 shares up in the swing of 600 shares up. If there is a share of 157 rupees, It is going to be exchanged for 23 lakh rupees. It makes sense to pay 23 lakh rupees.

Converting 1 lakh to 23 lakh:

There have been 23 sins in the last 12 years. This rate is about 15 to 20 percent per year. 2022 is fast-changing Start investing your money in the stock market Investment is an opportunity and in today’s day and age, many people in India are going to invest their money in the stock market In the next big and interesting part of this video, I want to take you with me and tell you what the cause of the rise and fall of the share market is. There is news in the newspaper. Why does the

Share market fall or jump:

If it is good, then the market rises, and if it is good to sell, the market falls. It is simple and fundamental. By the way, there can be many reasons for the rise and fall of the market, but, friends, you know what the biggest reason is. Yes, if the country’s economy is good, then the market performs brilliantly, but if the country’s economy is struggling, the market may fall due to a crash. Stock Market for Beginners: First of all, it is important to understand what happened on that day.

Yes, the lion market changes day by day, and which direction the curve will take depends on how the environment of the country is on that day. The news is positive: the corn market increases, the negative news is that corn falls, and the news is that India’s

GDP will remain at eight percent.

GDP will remain at eight percent.

The market jumps, the news that the government is going to privatize the market jumps, and the news that taxes are going to increase. What happened on that day plays a big role in that particular day. Another important thing is political stability. Yes, it plays a very important role. Stock Market for Beginners:  The share market likes political stability. But if there is political instability inside the country, then the market falls as it falls.

Inflation increases:


The third most important thing is inflation. Yes, inflation has a great impact on the stock market. If inflation increases, then the cost of production increases, the cost of producing any good increases, the cost increases, and demand decreases, which reduces sales and profits. The rise in inflation also throws off the balance between imports and exports. If the rate of inflation is low, the market will rise. If the pain is high, the market will fall. The fourth-most important thing is the price of crude oil. In the Indian market,

Oil prices are rising.

The possibility of a fall in the share market increases because it has a bad effect on most companies. After all, their cost-offs increase or they have to lower their product prices. You have to increase or reduce the margin. If the margin decreases, the profitability decreases. If the profit decreases, the possibility of market collapse increases. for Beginners: The fifth most important thing is that the monsoon also plays a big role in our country. I’ve heard that one should consider the monsoon to be a factor in the stock market analysis. Yes, the Indian monsoon also affects the stock market because, in the economy of India, they say that India is a Kristi Prada Dash.

The monsoon plays a major role.

The monsoon plays a major role in it. If you look carefully, you will find that it is a lie. If the monsoon is very good, the market goes up. A bad monsoon brings the market down. The sixth-most important thing is foreign institutional investment. If people put money in the country, then the lion market rises. If outsiders start withdrawing money from the base, then the probability of the falling increases.Stock for Beginners: The seventh-most important thing is global shyness. If the market is falling, it affects India’s lion market. In this era of globalization, the world economy has a significant impact on our lion market, especially the United States.

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