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The Enigmatic Blue Planet At the time when there were only seven planets in our solar system, that is, Uranus was the last planet of our solar system, at that time Scientists noticed an extraordinary thing. That is, the planet Uranus is making a little mess in its moment by coming to a certain place, see this because all the planets in our solar system are working on the law of gravity created by Newton, but friends, Uranus was the only planet that It was not following Newton’s law of gravity, it was changing its movement by standing in a certain place, so after seeing all this, some scientists also started saying that Newton’s law of Uranus might be wrong.

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These strange movements attracted the attention of the entire scientific community and then scientists from all over the world began to study Jupiter and one of them was the scientist Corbin Leverier who was studying Uranus day and night.


They had understood that there was no mistake in Newton’s Last of Gravity, then there must be some secret hidden behind the strange movement of Yunus, so to find out that secret, they watched Uranus day and night They started to study.

They suspected that there must be some planet or a big star in the place where Yunus changes his movement, the gravity of which is moving the units around.

At night he goes into an intense thought, he takes a paper and a pen in his hand and then sits down to do some mathematical calculations. Pas makes a small point and says that there must be a big planet hidden at this point, whose science is as great as Yunus, and then when he presented his calculations to the scientific community, they initially laughed.

planets around Uranus at the time

It was made because there were no planets around Uranus at the time, but when their calculations were observed, a very large blue planet was observed at the exact point where Orbin had indicated, and when the planet’s mass and the size was calculated, it was found that the mass and size of this planet is almost the same as that of Uranus, which means that the calculation of Arabian was correct.

When was the eighth planet discovered in the solar system,

Which was named Neptune, was named after a Roman god, and Neptune is the only planet in our solar system that can only be seen without a telescope or a spacecraft. A mathematical calculation was discovered which sounds quite interesting

Nebjoon is the last planet of our solar system which is located at a distance of 30 astronomical units from the Sun or more times faster than the Sun and the Earth. More than that if a spacecraft is sent from Hard to Nichon ie suppose you want to go to Nibzon and you are only 20 years old then by the time you reach Nibzon, you will be 32 years old. It will happen and then if you cut the nebzon round and return to Earth, it will take you another 12 years, that is, when you go to Neptune and return to Earth, your age will be 44 years, that is, 44 years. By the way, no one has been to Neptune so far, but a NASA spacecraft named Major.

Voyager 2,

 it was the first spacecraft to reach Nebseum in a flyby. Vegtone flew by it for four whole months and in those four months it collected a lot of information about Neptune, like its friends Saturn and Uranus, Neptune also has five rings around it, which appear much fainter than our Earth. has only one moon, the Enigmatic Blue Planetbut Neptune has 14 moons, some of which are made of ice, and the strangest of them is Triton.

Triton is Neptune’s largest moon, Which is nothing less than a mystery.

Moves in what’s called a retrograde orbit, and friends, it’s believed that Ryoten is the coldest place in our solar system. But volcanoes do not come out of lava, but ice, which is quite interesting to hear, but also a little scary, because in my Uranus video, I said that if Uranus If you open your hand in the air and wave it, your hand will freeze and become a stone there, and then because of the lack of blood flow, your hand will have to be amputated. Now imagine for yourself that if you are On Triton you might have to cut off not only your hand but a lot more friends as we know Neptune is the last planet so that’s why Neptune takes all the time to complete one orbit around the Sun.

The Enigmatic Blue Planet It takes more than 165 years to complete one orbit around the Sun, and one season on Neptune is 41 years, Neptune is the farthest from Earth, so that’s why Solge is on Neptune. Light reaches very little. Even at noon, the maximum light on Neptune is the same as the faint light that remains after sunset on our Earth.  And friends, if we talk now.

Solar systems are rocky planets.

If it is possible to land on the nebula, the answer is that we can never land on the nebula and there are two main reasons for this. The biggest storms are those that last from a few weeks to hundreds of years. Now if we discuss the first reason, let me tell you that our solar system has four rogue planets and four gas planets, the rock planets. are rocky enough to have a proper surface to land on, meaning that the first four planets of our solar system are rocky The Enigmatic Blue Planet.

There is no proper surface to land on gas plants,

There is no proper surface to land on gas plants,
There is no proper surface to land on gas plants,

They are saying about gas plants, friends, there is no proper surface to land on gas plants, these planets are either made of dangerous gases or ice and water, and the last four planets of our solar system are gas plants. are i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Neurinus, and Nebuchion, so this is the reason why no space on any gas planet, now if we talk about it.

Nebzon is the smallest gas planet in our solar system, due to The Enigmatic Blue Planet to which the atmosphere there is denser than all other gas planets. Friends, there is no proper surface to land on Nebzon because Nebzon’s crust is made of water and ice. which can be 17 thousand 500 km deep, if we compare it with the Paisaic Ocean, the Paisaic Ocean is also 11 thousand km deep, which means that the depth of Nicheon’s oceans is thousands of kilometers more than the deepest ocean in the world. Which may be difficult to imagine and the deeper we go, the temperature will increase.

Scientists believe that the temperature of Nebzium’s core is 5100 degrees Celsius, compared only with the Sun. It can be said that Nabjoon is thousands of times colder than it is from the top, it is hot from the inside and it is nothing. How many more terrible secrets will there be, so friends, till now I have explained only one point, now let’s go.

The second point was that the Nebo has some of the biggest storms.

To the point guys, the second point was that the Nebzon has some of the biggest storms in our solar system with over 2000 km/s which is even faster than the fastest storms ever on Earth. Five times faster, storms happen all the time on Nebzon, and friends, like Jupiter, have a support called the Great Dark Support. Scientists believe that the biggest storm whose speed is higher than the speed of all the storms recorded so far and friends, is not just a small support but is so big that our whole earth can fit inside it, and friends, along with it, our second The point is also clear.

 The first point is the solar system

 The first point solar system

The first point was that Nebzio has a gas planet and the second point was that Labyrinth is home to the largest storms in our solar system and these are the two main reasons why we never landed on Nichon.

Sakta and friends now talk about the size of Neptune, friends, Neptune is about the same size as Uranus, but just a little smaller than Jupiter, which makes Neptune the fourth largest planet in our solar system.

The width is also four times more than our Earth and within Nebzion, more than 50 planets can reach the speed of our Earth. which has a gravitational pull much more similar to Earth and friends, like a day on Earth is 24 hours long, while if we talk about Nepsion, a day on Nebzium is only 16 hours, that is, Neptune’s rotation is enough than Earth’s. It is faster and friends now if we talk

One’s color is Nafsion’s color is blue,

So now you must be thinking that this blue color of Ebson is either because of its coldness or because of the water there, but friends No, this blue color of Neptune is actually due to methane gas. Neptune has a lot of methane gas that absorbs and then reflects blue light. This is why Neptune looks blue and Neptune is a blue plant.

That is, it is also called the blue planet or the blue planet, and friends, just like Uranus has hero rain, so Neptune also has hero rain because Neptune also has high pressure as I have seen in the video. In the beginning, it was said that this was discovered by Van Le Veer because of the Mathematical formulas, The Enigmatic Blue Planet but here the twist in the story is that Urban was not the first human to discover Nebuchion, and a human before Bain discovered Nebuchion. and he is none other than the man but the inventor of the telescope and a very famous astronomer Galileo Galilei saw M.


Sion in 1613 but he thought it might be a star because Neptune was too far from Earth. There was no special technology at that time, so Galileo drew the lecture in many of his drawings, but as a star, friends, it was a documentary of Blue Planet, that is, just a spacecraft until the end of the planet Neptune. has come close to Neptune, meaning that Neptune has not yet been properly studied, and the blue planet may still have many secrets waiting to be discovered.