What is the Internet bro, it is a network and this Internet resource was not made for the common people, let me tell you, the was not made for the common people; the was made for the military people, the army people. A network was created among all the defense people, so that a unit, a battalion, another child that they have created, whatever planning is done, the strategy can be shared among the ups and the military.

Data exchange

Can be done in separate units or all military units in the entire country can be kept informed. Later, this thing was introduced to common people, and the same network was expanded. Gas has been done, I mean in the same network and other people have been connected and all the military’s confidential data and information has been removed because normal people can’t access it. A network is a thing, an idea, the Internet resource is an idea, a concept that states that all people are connected, a global network, is a network that connects the entire world and is viewed in one way. So everyone is connected to us, and everyone has a different IP.

The Collective Those Who contributed to the development of Atomic

 Right now, brother, the Wi-Fi

 Right now, brother, the Wi-Fi

That you have installed in your house, the whole world is not connected to this Wi-Fi, some devices are connected like Up-Up. If mommy, daddy, brother, and sister-in-law are all connected, then this is a small network of one person, which together is connected to the Internet. There is no source, you are asking yourself what the source is, they are asking you, the content provider right, which is Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, or Google, it is providing you content on the Internet, it is the content provider, it is the Internet.

The source is not your network provider

The one who provides you the service Airtel GOPSL its only function is to connect you to this network through the wire through wireless or network through the bus. Its work is not to provide you with data or you mean to download games, you can download movies, you watch YouTube, no, that service is already ready on the network, it is the work of your network provider on this network. It is a lot of work to connect you, and for the same thing, he takes the money from the network provider, and what you are talking about is the content providers, like YouTube, and Facebook, this is the content on this entire network. Now who can provide content? Who can provide content on Facebook?

 You can also do it.

You are also a content provider. So technically you are also an internet source because you are also providing data like me. If I upload a video, then I am a content provider, I am also providing content and I am also a part of this internet. The Internet is not a single identity but an idea of the connection of many people who are connected. Servers are IoT devices that are any device that provides anything on the internet on that network that is the content provider that is the source and the internet is not a source right I told you that I hope up. What is the confusion brother, it must have been cleared

4G Internet Speeds: Is 4G Fast Enough For Me

4G Internet Speeds: Is 4G Fast Enough For Me

Now there seems to be confusion, brother, what is Internet resource  4G, what is LTE, what is 4GLDE, but friends, this confusion is nothing for us. When the union told you guys to take the standards 4G, there was so much confusion at that time that we didn’t have the hardware, but you guys have been able to provide it. We are sitting here, friends, this is Forge Standards, so how will we go up from here to here, friends, the path that we have to adopt is called LTE, which means Long long-term evolution. And here friends we thought that by doing step by step we will one day reach the True 4G standard that has been set and we will achieve it now friends.

During the same journey

When we were progressing in Internet resource  LT, the existing 3G technology started to grow more at that time, that is, the speeds of 3G that you used to get at that time were gradually improved. It was happening, ITUR thought after some time that bro, I don’t know when we will go and reach. We are up to 4G and at last for now LTE networks which we are taking Camel.

Those who are moving ahead on this road following me

Those who are improving, if they also provide better speeds than 3G Internet resources, then we can name them as 4G and friends, as soon as this thing comes out. Across the globe, where friends had all the networks they were working with, they named all their networks 4G in one fell swoop. Everyone says that our networks are 4GLD, but those friends are Rail 4. No, they are still only on this route and you will get better speeds than 3G, but that is not worth it either because ITUR has no control over mobile phone apps. In such a case, the 4G signal will show you

The speed that will be provided

It may be very low because there are many overlapping friends here. Kilobits per second and here, friends, the speed of 4G is the same. Friends, it starts with a minimum of five megapixels per second. It is a high-speed 3 network. Its speed exists 4G, which is currently being used by nastiness G. It can overlap many times because 3G friends go up. For a second, it can be yours. If there are two different networks

if one cup is a 4G Internet resource, they will accept five megabits. We have 4G and the other one is friends. Yes, but if the 3G network is good, it means there is a lot of confusion here, friends, what is True Rail 4G is a long way away, because you can also use LDE from your smartphone. I get radios that talk to you, LT category seven, category eight, category nine, etc.

So those friends

We are progressing now, True Four G is far away, and that’s why we get to see you somewhere. Some people say that we have LD networks. Some people say that we have 4GLD networks. Internet resources Some people say that we have 4G networks. What is a fixed standard is not being followed by anyone around the world, different things are being served to you in different places with different names, and in such a situation we think that bro we are using 4G. But why are we not getting such speeds, friends, do you know that 3G will be behind, the name has been changed to 4G because here they are meeting the minimum standards of 4G.

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