Drainage in the eyes:

IPL Technology’s latest This problem is seen with age because, with age, the cells in your eyes become less and the drainage in the eyesmay fail. This problem can also be genetic, if you have an infection or inflammation in your eyes, If you are exposed to a

A lot of pollution and smoke:

The tears in your eyes will dry out quickly and this can also cause drainage in the eyes if you put medicine in them for a long time. For example, patients with glaucoma put drugs in their eyes for a long time, and because of this, it can also cause blindness in the eyes if your screen time is too much.

Hypertension medicine:

It is reduced to four to five, due to which the cells that are formed in the eyes cannot spread over the proper eyes and drainage occurs in the eyes. If you take some medicines like allergy medicine, hypertension medicine, or depression medicine, then in such a situation, IPL Technology’s latest

What is the mechanism that causes dryness in the eyes?

Their tears have an oily layer or a lipid layer on top of them that prevents these tears from drying out and preventing them from reproducing. The glands that are in your eyelids, if for some reason the lipid layer is reduced or destroyed, are directly exposed to the atmosphere or the environment and because of this,

Oily layer or a lipid layer:


This is because they start to dry quickly. Look at the main indication that it is the merbromin gland. If that dig closes, the lipid layer that is there thins or wears off, and because of this, it starts to dry out or its sumpter starts, and your eyes start to feel dry. IPL Technology’s latest

The first option is lubricating drops.

These lubricating drops are very easily available at any pharmacist or pharmacy. You should take these drops and apply them four to five times a day, which makes you quite comfortable. If these don’t help, taking Omega-3 EAST capsules along

The second option is the heating eye mask.

This is the heating eye mask A heating eye mask is a special type of mask that you have to put in the microwave for about four to five seconds and when this mask is heated, you have to put something on your eye like this. The mask collects heat from the microwaves that it delivers to your eyelids, causing the lipids that I told you to be absorbed into your pug’s eyes and can control drainage.

Heat it in the microwave.


There is one thing that you need to be very careful about when you are using this mask: after applying the heat, when you apply it to your eyes, heat it in the microwave for five to 10 seconds and then apply it to your eyes for about five to 10 minutes. And then it is very important to massage the eyes.

IPL or intense pulse light treatment:

Technology should be pre-applied, so now when we talk about IPL or Intense Pulse Light treatment, which is the latest treatment for dryness, there are two types of machines: the first is the diagnostic machine and the

The second is the treatment machine.

In the diagnostic machine, we do three types of tests. Above, we measure its quality and quantity. IPL Technology’s latest There is no defect in it due to dryness or drainage in the eyes. The second treatment we do is called mammography. I mean, the meconium glands that make these lipid layers of yours that are in the eyelids, take pictures of it to make sure they’re

Working properly

And not that they’re dried up or anything like that. So it is not that the ducts from which the oil has to come out, which is the ego in the eyes, are closed somewhere or blocked, so with mammography, we take photos of the mammary glands of all these ducts—in a way, their X-ray CT. It’s been scanned to see if it’s functioning properly.

Non-investigated film breakup type:

There’s no defect, and the third thing we do is called a non-investigate film breakup type. What we do is project a light onto the eye. Through the grids, we see that the layer of your system is stable and there is no issue in its stability, so by doing all these three tests, which are your interferometry, biography and

Non-invoicing TR:

IPL Technology’s latest So in the treatment, we use IPL technology or intense pulse light technology. Basically,  what this technology does is deliver a special type of light pulse to your eyes and what this light pulse does is to your eyes. It has a nerve system that we call

The parasympathetic nervous system:

It stimulates and activates it, which causes the secretion of lipids in your eyes that come from the mammary glands. Increases and the drawing of the eyes is fixed, and then there is a special way to do it. First, a mask like this is applied to the eyes and then a gel is put around the eyes. After that, a desired It wants to set the energy level and five pulse lights are delivered to the eyes. These five pulse lights deliver something like this to one eye and then to the other eye,

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