Weight Gain Diet Foods : If someone wants to gain weight, what changes should he make to his diet? What things should he include in his diet that will help him gain weight? There are things that prevent weight gain, like hyperthyroidism, which makes it a little difficult, so first of all, we have to rule out the underlying issue; there is no deficiency no medical condition that causes not to gain weight but if everything is fine and you are still not gaining weight, then you have to see if
Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can be a big factor.

You wake up late in the morning. You have breakfast. Breakfast is indeed very heavy. Food—those three proper meals are not enough. Snacks should also have three. It is obvious that there is no time for this either. When you wake up at 10:00 and have eaten, you are not hungry at all during the day. You have dinner at 7:00 at night. Weight Gain Diet Foods  If I feel hungry, even if I use fruit or milkshakes, I still don’t have three proper meals and three proper snacks.

After breakfast,

You should wake up by 9:00 a.m. Before breakfast, you should have a smoothie or a healthy shake. Dinner should be between 60 and 80, so the second factor is our lifestyle. There is mercury, due to which our nutritional requirements are not met by the food we need and due to which our weight is not increasing.Some people need muscle-building. They need to tone up, for which they are recommended to work out, etc. Now let’s talk about weight gain. Which one should we use in a weight ball? You can make a

Healthy smoothie and shake

healthy smoothie and shake

Weight Gain Diet Foods As soon as you wake up or use a healthy shake. Add whatever fruit you like and add two dates. Blend it and use it for breakfast. Don’t use sugar. By the way, dates are very sweet. If you add dates, then you don’t need sugar and honey with it. But if you have the habit of liking more sweets, then you can use honey in them. Avoid sugar as much as possible.

It harms your health

. It is better to use honey. Is it also in Sunman that the use of honey protects us from many diseases and is good for health? You can use a smoothie or a shake by adding the city. If we talk about the smoothie, making it is very good
A cup of yogurt

There is no need for honey or sugar

But if you feel that you want to sweeten it more or that you like it sweeter, then you can add peanut butter plus honey to it with peanut butter. It will not be sweet but the same calories will increase a little and what is pre-bedfast will be more nutrition for you. It is very important first thing, i.e. smoothies, shakes, etc.

Second thing

One is present in both, i.e., milk and yogurt. The use of milk and yogurt is not at all right. It helps with digestion. Do not add that weight, which will increase. You can use two table spoons of desk ghee. You can use one cup of yogurt by adding more eggs and vegetables to it or you can use one cup of milk. Drink it so that the nutrients are well absorbed. After two to three hours, your mid-morning smack will come. You can use them as a mid-morning snack.

Fruits and Chana chat

That is high in fructose, which helps in gaining weight. It has been proven that you can use Chana Chat. In Chana Chat, you have to take more Chana. You have to take relatively fewer vegetables, not four. They are in the leaner group and the serving of protein acts as carbohydrates. Weight Gain Diet Foods  If you want, you can also add two tablespoons of curd on top of it so that the calories increase. If I talk about lunch and dinner, you must add curd to the curry when the curry is being made. If you add curd, what will happen is that you will eat less, but the calories in it will be more.

The calories that are consumed will increase

Lunch: Use beans or sauce instead of celery at dinner. You should use more rice, but if you like bread more, then you can also use a piece of bread. Use whatever

Protein, meat, and pulses.

Weight Gain Diet Foods You can take rice in it, of course, and add as much salt as green solid, or you can use bean salt, chickpea salt, and curd with whatever you have. If you have put curd in the curry, then definitely don’t take curd with it. Add half a cup of mint chutney to the food and make a stir-fry with it. You can use the phone chart, the bean chart, Chana chat, and homemade curd; put four table spoons, two five-table spoons, spoon up, and add vegetables. Beans can be added to chat in Chana cheat

Dinner is the same as lunch.

But try not to use curd at this time. Kebabs can be used while sleeping at night. Fruit can be used. Milkshakes can be used. I always say don’t eat fruit at night. If you eat fruit at night, it’s not very good. So if you eat it at night, you’ll be hungry. Can consume two to four dates in a whole day At least two to four dates must be consumed Figs are very good and must be consumed Let me tell you a little about the groups that rate bread and rice brand. You should eat all three main meals of yours, i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You should not replace breakfast with Sheikh

In this case, it will not increase, but the weight will be maintained. It is very important to use brandy or

Rice or bread for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you do not like these things, you can use aloe. Must use at least twice and more than four times. The dates must be used within two to four days. Figs must be used two to four times. It should be remembered that at this time, two to three vegetables should be consumed throughout the day. Apart from that, if we talk about vegetables, then at least five times a day you must have eaten vegetables. I told you that the salad that you had for lunch would also be put in it

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