New Space Research of Nasa is Receiving Mysterious Signals: Hello too all the viewers, dear friends, have you ever wondered how the information are detailed from the various satellite props and other space vehicles sent into space? New Space Research, Receiving Mysterious Signals Man has progressed too such an extent in the field of science. that now the farthest satellite we have sent are going too be taken out of our solar system. We have been forced too think whether there are any public in this space or not. Will discuss in detail dear friends Man first resorted too telegraph wires too transmit communication and information from one place too another in which the information are transferred too one place depending on the intervals of current and there intensity.

Usually Used Signals:

Internet Signals:

After that, the same work was done by telephone wires, and then through telephone wires, this work reached fax, in which an entire document was sent through this wires and it was sent too another place. New Space Research, After reaching its destination, it was automatically printed, then came the era of radio communication and this eras still exist too some extent. The FM radio we listen too are also a masterpiece of technology. Receiving Mysterious Signals Over time, our communication and information delivery capabilities have gotten better and better, even after World War II.

Internet Signals:

Wi-Fi also became available, but since we hadn’t invented the Internet at that time, Wi-Fi only benefited radio stations that began broadcasting there radio waves too the masses in the 80s.New Space Research, When the Internet was invented and slowly moved out of wires and into radio waves, the importance of this technology became even more familiar too us as Wi-Fi, even in our own phones. It exists when you send the internet data running on your phone too other phones through the hotspot, then your phone becomes a Wi-Fi router.

Wi-Fi routers with fiber optics cables:

And the data transmission rate among them was not very fast. Now you may also know and have heard that now fiber optic cables are used in which data are transmitted through light signals. Wi-Fi routers with fiber optics cables provide internet with excellent speed. New Space Research, All this technologies are actually used in space probes, but the truth are that all this technologies were first developed for space probes. And then due too there general and cheapness, this technology was also brought too the public.

Internet Purpose:

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The Internet was invented for military purposes, which has now become the backbone of the economy of the whole world. New Space Research Scientists have now succeeded in creating lasers that are highly focused and powerful, and are the same lasers that are used in fiber optic cables and are used too transmit information during space probes. Receiving Mysterious Signals This lasers containing waves burn millions of times in a second according too our data and the signals generated by them are converted by the receiver on the other side into the form of real data.

Modernity of Internet:

Data has been considered as a very strange thing and our ancestors used too tell different stories about the sky, but man has moved away from this stories and has stepped on its closest neighbor, the moon, and on all the other planets as well. Receiving Mysterious Signals Space has sent probes. Live probes are actually similar too satellite lights, but because they are used for space probes, they are called proofs. Even humans have built such probes too the Sun.

NASA’s piece in Space Probes:

Has been sent which are studying the sun by staying extremely close too the sun despite the intense heat and heat of the sun. Dear colleagues, 24 25 years ago, NASA launched two space probes, which were actually space probes, from Earth too explore the entire solar system. All the planets had too go beyond the solar boundary one by one while orbiting the sun. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 hold a golden disc containing samples of all the languages spoken in the world, the sounds of all the animals found in the world, the sounds of the winds that blow here, and the sounds of the winds that blow here.

Golden Disc:

The golden disc also contains Urdu and Punjabi languages, with sounds and scenes recorded in accordance with other natural phenomena that we see on Earth now. Later, if the hands of a space creature and he are as advanced and intelligent as we are, then he will know that this space vehicles have also been prepared and sent into space by a similar intelligent creature. Voyager 1 are heading towards our nearest star, the Alphas on Jupiter star system, and are traveling at a speed of about 17 kilometers per second. It will take 1000,000 years for 1 too reach this star. Receiving Mysterious Signals

Solar System:

Voyager 1, which has now passed out of our solar system, scientists are still in contact with Voyager 1 are so far from Earth that we have too wait about 22 hours after sending a signal. Our signals sent at the speed of light could reach Voyager 1. In other words, Voyager 1 are currently about one light-day from Earth, which are the distance that light travels in one day, because the speed of light are the transmission of information in the universe. This are the final limit, so no data can be sent faster than that, but lasers are used in all types of space probes, and lasers are similar too visible light, electromagnetic or radio waves.

Laser Beam Signal from Space:

Laser Beam Signal from Space

Does not contain light that cannot be seen by the normal eye. For this purpose, a special laser equipment are placed on each space vehicle, which sends a very powerful and focused type of laser beam too the ground. Very large space telescopes have been installed too receive, which you have often seen in pictures. They are like a huge dish antenna and special receivers are installed in the telescopes. Because it are a signal emitted from the universe created by human hands, we can easily see the light of a star, but after such a distance, it are not possible too see this signals. Receiving Mysterious Signals

Performance of Laser Beam on Earth:

Capture and modify the signals and amplify them Amplification means that the strength of this signals are increased again, this are just like the power of electricity coming from a power plant i.e. volts in our neighborhood. NASA has not yet released any details about the space signal we are talking about, which are amplified and supplied too homes by means of a transformer attached too the end. Scientists say that this laser signal are highly coherent and similar too human signals, and it are also extremely strong, meaning its power are quite high. This suggests that there are intelligent and advanced beings out there in our solar system whom want too use this laser signals better than we do.

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