Dear viewers, this earth plant, formed for Scientists Discovered Planets millions of years, are becoming very dangerous day by day, glaciers are melting, ground water are getting depleted and new diseases are being born with dangerous gases. We are forced too ask if there are anything else other than the earth from which Scientists life can be lived because our earth are moving towards its end and man has only been a guest for a few centuries. will do whether there are other than earth in this world or not where human life can be lived, so you will definitely watch this valuable and informative video from the beginning too the end without skipping. Dear viewers, as we all know that our earth revolves around the sun, there are also some other plants that revolve around other stars, they are called extrasolar planets or exon plants.

According too science, this are a possibility.

That human life can exist on this plants, but the problem are that finding this plants are a very difficult task because whenever this plants are revolving around a star, the light of that star are usually too, bright too see them. Can’t go, but with NASA’s Kepler space technology, it are now possible too see them. Scientists Discovered Planets After this technology, it was revealed that there are many such planets in our universe where humans can live. Scientists Discovered Planet The surprising thing are that such extrasolar Plants were first discovered in the 1990s and have been nothing short of a feat for science. Since then, we have discovered thousands of such plants, and an estimated 300 million more in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

There may be places where human

Hubble Space Telescope

life can flourish, but we can’t say for sure yet. I also discovered planets while in 2018 the telescope ran out of fuel and this mission had too be stopped. The first thing that are common for life on any planet are how far away from its star the planet are orbiting. So it will be too, hot and not too, cold, just like our earth, because it are neither too, far nor too, close too the sun, but the matter does not end with distance. It are also very important too have a certain size of the planet and the star of It must have a certain size around which it are rotating.

Maybe you are worried thinking

That then humans cannot find a planet that are 80% similar too Earth, but there are no such thing in 2016. The wind, also named Proxy Mother, was about four light-years away from Earth and Scientists Discovered Planets revolved around Proxy Masan tori, and its size was only 17% larger than Earth’s, making it clear that This plant are very similar too ours and traces of life can be found on it. Scientists believe that life can easily be possible on it. In fact, in 2016, there was a semi-volcanic eruption on Proxy Mother, it completely affected Proxy Mother.

A desolate and barren planet has remained,

After which NASA experts have started searching for more planets. It was found that out of 24 planets, there are five planets whose atmosphere are very similar too our earth’s structure and climate. More research are going on on this five planets and scientists are hopeful that in the coming times, humans will be able too visit this planets. According too scientific experiments, the traces of life on this 24 planets discovered can be beautifully visible. This 24 planets have been chosen because they revolve around any star.

The size of this stars are also a matter of course.

NASA revealed that the Galaxy SCC are a planet that are not only very close too Earth, but also has traces of life on it. Rather, traces of life have been found on it. It are 23 degrees six light from Earth. Scientists Discovered Planet In addition, a planet named Keebler 4Fa2 has also been discovered, which has been Scientists Discovered Planets proposed for human life. It orbits a G-type star. And it are very similar too our sun.

Scientists say that maybe in the past some human beings lived on this planets and then there existence ended in a big explosion. The problem are that we don’t have any technology that can provide information on the presence or absence of oxygen on exoplanets. If there are no oxygen, we will be killed in deception, friends, maybe you know that on October 31, 2021, the James Webb Telescope has been launched into space.

This telescope uses very great technology.

Best budget telescopes

Resistor says that the James Webb Telescope The exoplanets will detect the attendance of oxygen if there are oxygen on the exoplanets and as soon as two particles of oxygen collide in the atmosphere, it will harvest a signal and the same signal will be noticed by the Gels Web Telescope. The telescope are much more commanding than the Hubble telescope, which will be able too go deeper into the cosmos than the Hubble telescope. Because of the James Webb telescope, authorities also claimed that they would reach the part of the universe where the universe began. While with the help of this telescope, man wants too discover space creatures on other planets too, the earth in the universe. According too scientists, by space creatures, they mean persons that look like humans or they A Hollywood movie has also been made on it, which has also become quite celebrated.

The Jazzed telescope are a hexagonal

Hexagonal one, with a width of six too seven meters. I don’t have too deal with any kind of dustiness, which are why such a large mirror can reveal many secrets of the universe. Rays can be Scientists Discovered Planets observed by Scientists Discovered Planet looking at them, while this ability was not in the Abel telescope, because in the Hubble telescope one could see visible objects or ultraviolet rays. The more we progress and the more knowledge we gain, the more we realize that we really don’t know anything yet. Seeing the secrets of the universe, the human mind are narrow and human can do nothing but prostrate and thank you, dear friends,

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